Saturday, December 8, 2012

Fat Chances - A novel countless people can identify with.

J.S. Wilsoncroft's Fat Chances hits home. I was a perfect size 10 until I turned 45, then Mother Nature let me have it. Now, at 57, I work hard to stay a size 16. 
 Annie is a plus sized teenager. Her fraternal twin sister, Molly is slightly taller and recently lost 10 pounds at Zumba class taught by a man who looks like a romance novel hero. Molly finally convinces her twin sister to go to Zumba class with her. When Annie caves in, her life changes forever in a maddening and frightfully exciting way. Want to know more about this book? Click here:

The first promotion idea that's coming to me would be weight loss groups. I searched under #weight loss, #dieting, and #fitness. I composed this Tweet: She's fighting fat. Does she have a fighting chance at love?

Now, let's look up some romance accounts on Twitter. I'm using the same Tweet. Searching #Lonely hearts, #romance, #romance writer, #romance book blogs (which lead me to Harlequin Teen and YA Books Central), #teen romance (which didn't get me much), and my old stand by, #chick lit. Total Tweets: 17. I also make it a habit of Re-Tweeting as a way of saying 'thank you'. 
Now, J.S. alias Jamie, here's your assignment: contact the local high schools in your area. See if they have a book club, literary journal or school newspaper. Contact the school and see if you can do a reading of Fat Chances and possibly raffle off a copy of the book. See if the high school library will shelf the book. Do the same thing with any local community college. The next step is to approach weight loss groups. See if any weight loss group will let you come and do a reading. Maybe you can give away a copy of the book to some lucky dieter.

Parting remarks: Try this and let me know what happens. And remember, take pictures and videos if you can.

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