Friday, September 29, 2017

My Review of The Ancient Ones by Nicolajayne Taylor. Five stars * * * * *

The Ancient Ones by [Taylor, Nicolajayne]

There are so many overly used phrases and terms I could use to describe The Ancient Ones: couldn't put it down, worthy of an award, fabulous, awesome. I would call it breathtaking.
You have Professor Peter Stevens who wants to prove the existence of the paranormal and collects Dybbuk boxes and other vessels containing spirit or demons. Then, when his world goes insane he can only think of his unscrupulous competitor as someone who could help him. He befriends many on the good side of the paranormal who can come to his aid, but is it too late?

I think this book has excellent cinematic potential, too. Anyway, I give it five stars and you will find it a bargain at $2.99, too.

The Amazon link:
The Book trailer:

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Recycled Prisoners - Now only $.99 on Amazon Kindle!

Since they were 10, Robin and Stacy have had unsettling memories as if overhearing horror stories. The priest at the Catholic school they attend only has one answer: to say five Hail Marys. As they enter their teen years, they pass for normal, but have to clamp down on the nightmares and only share their disturbing glimmers of trauma between them in private. A medium who lives next door to their sorority house nearly outs them as having past lives in the Nazi Holocaust. Australian Stacy finds another listening ear in her husband Bob, an American Vietnam Veteran. Robin's night terrors cost her a marriage that lasted less than a year. Both attend hypnotherapy sessions to find the reason why their dreams start out so nicely and end horribly.

Publisher and writing mentor Ocean Reeve interviewed Liz Meegan. Here is the link:

Find Recycled Prisoners on Amazon Kindle:

Friday, September 15, 2017

Nicolajayne Taylor interview. The author of: The Curse of Mary, The Ancient Ones, The Fallen Ones and more.

The Curse of Mary by [Taylor, Nicolajayne]

·         What is the title of your book?
The Curse of Mary

·         Please tell us a little bit about your book.
The Curse of Mary is a British erotic horror. It was my debut novel and is my first love. I was signed by Vamptasy part of Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. It involves a young girl called Mary, she is to be sacrificed by her family to the demon Isisti but they fall in love at the peril of her family for generations.

·         How did you come up with your book idea? 
I am a lover of the old Hammer Horror films, US, and UK horror. I also love history. I wanted to mix these elements and came up with The Curse of Mary. I just began writing one day, didn’t really think where the story was heading. I just continued till I hit ‘The End’ I then subbed it on a whim and was signed a few months later and I haven’t looked back since.

·         What are your publishing credits?
I am a British author, signed with the biggest independent publishing house in the UK. I have a number of titles published and in the works.
The Curse of Mary
All Legends, The Chronicles of being Isisti
The Ancient Ones
The Fallen Ones
Berlin War
Call of the Moon sample chapter in Beautiful Nightmares anthology.

·         What are your plans for the future?
I hope to turn my books into screenplays or at the very least be turning my books into films.

·         What is your day job?
I am a full time writer, blogger, and social media person. I spend all my time promoting, writing and socializing. I do a lot of research and making notes to go into my books.

·         What is your preferred genre to write?
I write fantasy, erotic horror. I mix it up. I will use different genres as the story calls for. I love doing that as it frees me up from being type cast within a set genre and elevates me from being stuck in a category.

·         How did you become a writer?
I have a big love of reading as I come from a family of readers. My mum always wanted me to become a writer so when she died in 2014 I made it my goal to fulfill that ambition she had for me. I can only hope I made her proud.

·         Are you a planner, complete with detailed outlines, or do you fly by the seat of your pants when writing?
Not really, I plan my week on a Sunday but it is flexible and I often change my plans to fit around other people, requests or even taking part in events at a moment’s notice.

·         What is the best writing advice that you have ever been given?
Do your research, for your Books, Publisher, Editor, and always fellow authors who you work with.

·         What advice would you give a new writer?
Hone your skills such as editing, punctuation and spelling. I edit my books thousands of times while writing it and probably double that once it is finished and before it goes to my professional editor. Always save up money to give your book the best launch possible and make sure you don’t pass up on promotion away from the PC. It is so easy to stick to the social media and forgets to tell people in real life that you are an author, ‘here are the links’ and watch people’s eyes light up.

·         What other projects do you have in the works at the moment?
I am currently writing Queen of the Druids and is Druantia’s tale from The Ancient Ones. A beta reader wanted more of the deities and I didn’t need much of a push to pick up these characters again. I loved working with them, so I am writing a collection within a collection titled The Ancient Ones and the bigger collection is called The Gigas Guardians which will be independent of The Ancient Ones.

·         What surprises can we expect from you in the future?
More releases, collaborations and book signings.

·         If you could journey into any of your books, interacting with the characters, which would it be and why?
The Ancient Ones, it is fantasy and I would love to journey with the deities themselves as they are beautiful, deadly, but benevolent. Learning their history and their journey to the point of ending up in my book.

·         What public appearances do you have planned in the future?
I can’t say too much but I am going to be doing a local book signing in Blackburn at a book store that has only just opened and is called Bootstrap.

·         Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans?
I appreciate my darklings so much, they share, review, beta read and so much more. I really care for them and when I see one of them down on their luck or having a bad day, I feel it and wish I could sprinkle some dark purple fairy dust at them and make everything okay. They have to remember we are all butterflies and we have the right to fly with all of our colours, our markings, and patterns.

To learn more about NJ Taylor's books, click here: Amazon Fan Page

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Christian, Romance and Suspense - You don't see all three genres together every day.

Targeted for Danger: Eight Christian Romantic Suspense Novellas by [Warren, Susan May, Barritt, Christy, Eason, Lynette, Aiken, Ginny, Daley, Margaret, Goddard, Elizabeth, Sleeman, Susan, Thompson, Jan]

I came across this promotion and did a double take. You see Christian romance novels every day and inspirational books, but suspense is the element out of place most of the time. Targeted for Danger features seven new novellas plus a bonus reader favorite.

Here is the lineup:

The woman he loves is caught in the crossfire of revenge…but he’ll have to face his crimes to save her.

Taken by Dark by CHRISTY BARRITT
Willa Shields is being taunted by someone desperate to get her attention. When the threats escalate, the only person who can help her is her new neighbor, FBI agent Parker Stone. But will he reach her before the darkness overcomes them both?

Lethal Homecoming by LYNETTE EASON
Callie Ainsworth just wants to go home. When her stepfather dies, she believes it’s safe to do so. But when someone tries to kill her minutes before she reaches her mother’s driveway, she realizes that danger still lurks—but this time, she’s not running away.

Treasure by GINNY AIKEN
Freelance writer Chloe Williams's first find at the newest Qumran Caves dig is the dead C/OPS Security guard. Steven “Ridge” Ridgeway, founder of C/OPS, must deal with the murder of his man while keeping the two of them alive. It won't be easy, now that he and Chloe have seen the stolen treasure, since assassins don't give up until all witnesses are dead.

Deadly Secrets by MARGARET DALEY
Secrets. Revenge. Reunion. The past comes back to haunt Sarah Patterson, and she turns to the only man who can help her—the man she left at the altar. 

Double Exposure by ELIZABETH GODDARD
Tara Blackburn witnesses a village decimated at the hands of armed men. Grant McCall is working undercover in a race against time to find Tara before the hired killers, but even more deadly is the illness to which she was exposed. 

Cold Terror by SUSAN SLEEMAN
Forensic artist Hannah Perry and her young son barely escape from a killer and nearly lose their lives to the cold terror of the ocean. Former Navy SEAL Gage Blackwell comes to their rescue and appoints himself their bodyguard. Suddenly, not only is Hannah’s and her sons life at risk—so is her heart. 

Once a Thief by JAN THOMPSON
She sets a thief to catch a thief.
Will he also steal her heart?

Private investigator Helen Hu must team up with art thief Reuben Costa to rescue her mother, who has vanished while trying to make amends for stealing some bejeweled eggs fifteen years ago.

And if that isn't enough it's $2.99 on Amazon Kindle today and all day tomorrow.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Should an indie book blogger take a stand?

I have always remained silent in my blog about politics. I will continue to focus on promoting indie authors and improv artists, but just for today, I am speaking out. I have always been a conservative Democrat and have very close friends who are Republicans and very close friend and relatives who are Bernie Sanders supporters. My comments have been almost exclusively on Twitter where my conservative former high school classmates won't see them.

The whole thing that prompted this is this question: just how effective are Tweets and Facebook postings in ushering in positive social and political change? I know that sounds dry and boring, but maybe what I'm leading up to will spice it up. So, I decided to take on this challenge in November of 2016 - you figure out why.

I went on a Tweeting campaign to five Republican U.S. Senators who were noted to be critical of Trump. Of course these legislators get thousands of Tweets a day. I also started following and Tweeting to Dan Rather and reTweeting him a lot.

For six months, nothing really happened until last week. I didn't even Tweet to Senator Flake and Dan Rather; I replied to their Tweets. Usually, you don't get noticed by the hecklers this way. Wrong! I had one Tweet from a middle class white guy saying, "Hooray for Donald Trump the most powerful man in the world married to the most beautiful woman in the world." I muted him. Even if his Tweet isn't that antagonistic, I didn't want to respond to him. Then, I saw another one from a loose cannon laden with bad grammar and cheesy emojis. I won't dignify her Tweet by repeating it, but it showed that she had the emotions and self-control of a two year-old.

My question is: Should bloggers who aren't normally political use their blogs to occasionally speak out and stand up for what is right?

Jeff Flake does this in his book The Conscience of a Conservative.  Link:
 I have not found a low-priced source for this book, but you can also see his many Tweets and essays on his Twitter account: His website:

Also, famous journalist Dan Rather has a lot to say and is not afraid to tell it like it is. His Tweets are good reading.  Here is his Twitter handle: His website:

Just how far should a blogger who promotes indie writers and entertainers go in standing up for her beliefs? Next week, I will return you to your normal programming, to paraphrase The Outer Limits.