Monday, February 25, 2013

What can the Masquerade Crew do for you?

When I first came across the Masquerade Crew aka @MasqCrew on Twitter, their mask logo was the first thing that caught my eye. They're no ordinary indie writer's blog; in addition to author promotion, they also specialize in syndication. Let me take a closer look at syndication. Oh, here's an inviting offer; they're looking for guest posts:
I volunteer! And Masquerade Crew, if you'd like to reciprocate, you'll find that I'm guest blogger friendly.

While rummaging through the Masquerade Crew blog, I found a book club. Want to see it?  If short story writers are tired of feeling left out, check this out:  If your dream is to be a blog tour host, the Masquerade Crew can grant your wish: AND you can promote your book with some low cost packages including a mini blog tour:

Did you just write a book review and are proud of it? Share it here: can also do a stint as a book reviewer, if you so choose: Maybe you want someone to review your book. If you're looking for book review blogs, you just hit the jackpot! 

Don't leave the site without meeting the crew: You can get in touch by Facebook, too:

Thursday, February 21, 2013

The multifaceted World Literary Cafe!

I joined the World Literary Cafe back in Fall of 2011. This community of readers, writers, bloggers and mentors spans the globe and all walks of life. When I put an ad in offering copy editing services, I did my first international copy editing by going over a novel by an Italian journalist. Through my ad offering copy editing services in the Author Toolbox, I also met my great friend and business partner publisher Theresa Oliver who publishes paranormal romance books. Her website is:

When my time travel comedy, Jan of Cleveland was first released in December of 2011, I received a lot of attention when I entered my book in the WLC New Release Promotion. I also had my leading man, Ethelred Fortescue, be the star of the Charcter Interview and still re-read it from time to time.

The World Literary Cafe has a big presence on Twitter. The handle is: @WorldLitCafe
Do you Tweet? The WLC has Tweet Teams for small groups authors to encourage cross promotion. The WLC site has a traning video for the Tweet Teams, you can join more than one team and you can even join a faith-based team. Click here for details:
If you are a blogger and your blog has anything to do with writers, books, book reviews or any literary genre, you're in luck.  The Author-Blogger Connection is a forum where you can seek guest bloggers, authors to interview, books to review and so on.

WLC doesn't stop there. If you want to talk books, post a 3+ star book review or promote your book by offering it for free for a while, this is the place to be:
If you want to take some classes and learn the ropes of self-publishing, you can visit author and web host, Melissa Foster's other site: Fostering Success:

Even if you're not an author, but love to read, WLC can keep you abreast of new releases or you can sign up for the Read and Review program. Link for reader opportunities:

Come and visit World Literary Cafe on Facebook, too:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kittycat man: A self-guided tour through Steve Gadlin's blog.

I decided to play blog tourist today and took a walk through Mr I want to draw a cat for you's blog:  This website is the mother hive for Steve's other enterprises like the comedy shows 'Don't Spit the Water', 'Impress these Apes', and 'Talkin' Funny'. His blog dates back to 2004 when his wife, Becky was a math teacher and Steve directed two improv groups: 'No Shoe  Zone' and 'Pastor of Muppets'. Back then, he had a day job as a web developer,  and he still does today. 

Moving up to 2008, Steve, Becky, and daughter Izzie charmed me by their nightly dance time.  Back then, Steve would give Becky an extra half hour of sleep.  Izzie would walk him around the house, starting in the den where she'd have Steve prank call one of his friends on Google Talk so she could watch her face on the monitor. 

Then, I came upon the May, 2010 blog posting: one of the producers of the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show stumbled upon the famous cat drawing service: 

Move up to December of that same year and see the famous milestone about Steve committing to draw 1,000 cats for Groupon:

If you want to see more of Steve's blog and walk through his fateful appearance on Shark Tank, click on the link at the top of this posting. Tweet to him: @CatDrawingGuy or look him up on Facebook (i want to draw a cat for you) and don't miss a thing!

                   Steve Gadlin himself.


Monday, February 11, 2013

The next best thing to a cat comedy club!

I know a cat comedy club, of sorts, that you can visit with a click of a mouse! You will see a multitude of cartoon cats and other things to make you laugh at  Be sure and see Cat Drawing Guy himself rap and shake his groove thing in the video commercial. Billionaire Mark Cuban invested $10,000.00 in Steve's cat drawing service on ABC's Shark Tank. According to a interview a few months ago,  the Dallas Mavericks owner already has his money back.

Steve draws stick figure cats with personality.
Cat #11518
If they sing, they're pictured singing: "Loo loo loo".
Cat #11515
If they're happy, you often see the cats saying "Whoopy!"
Cat #11510
Sometimes the round eyed cats won't say anything; they're just shown spreading love.
Cat #11509

You need to check his site every day since he can draw up to 1,000 a week. Want to gift a drawing? You can get it in black and white or in color, in the mail, or a jpeg file to just cut and paste anywhere! Want to wear a cat drawing? Steve offers custom cat tee shirts in addition to the Whoopy Cats line.

Want free stuff? Steve is generous. He offers free cat drawings once a week on his Facebook page, and you can join his IWTDACFY Street Team, do tasks and get points for drawings, tee shirts, mood pins and other groovy stuff.
In addition to cat merchandise, visit Steve's "i want to draw a cat for you" Facebook page to win items shown on Shark Tank.

Want to Tweet to Steve? His Twitter handle is: @CatDrawingGuy
As the king of custom cat cartoons would say: WHOOPY!

New post, new blog! We want to write a book for you!

Theresa Oliver of Write More Publications and I are starting a new enterprise: We want to write a book for you! Inspired by Steve Gadlin, business partner of Mark Cuban from Shark Tank, we help you write your life story or a tribute to your career and publish it as a book. Among other exciting things, Steve Gadlin's website is a gallery of cartoon cats people can order on demand:

You can write a tribute to your family, talk about the milestones and victories in you job or you can chronicle your courtship, wedding and marriage. So, check us out and we'll be blogging and Tweeting about any author whose story we publish. We'll also do lots of sharing about it on Facebook!

Friday, February 8, 2013

She's got personality and so do her characters!

J.S. Wilsoncroft

She's got personality and so do her characters! This is a paranormal love story that makes me wonder where are the Ghostbusters when you need them? In My Haunting Love, Calista Rose is a 16-year-old deaf girl who senses something strange in her new home. Soon she meets a ghost named John and becomes smitten with his handsome good looks and charming ways. Little does she know, falling in love with him brings out the true evil that lingers inside her home.

Besides the intrigue, there's a lot of humor in those pages, too. There's the big brother who's an annoyingly popular jock and then there's the dog who takes forever to do his business when he goes outside. Calista has a sign language interpreter who accompanies her to classes who's a little weird. He lends a little explosiveness to the narrative.
I can't wait for this book to come out and it's coming soon!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Podcasters: How to reach some and how to be one.

I just saw the January 26th podcast of the DNews Channel on You Tube and got the 411 on camera lens flares. He is in very diverse company. Self-help, comedy, Sci Fi, and author interviews are popular subjects of podcasts. I found this podcaster on the Podcasters and Fans United page on Facebook. Here is their link:

I went down the page, scouting out podcasts and came upon three other shows. The first one is Success Freaks: Own Your Life. This sounded compelling enough for me to click on their link. You can leave the podcasters Mordant and McFall a voicemail from your computer, if you so desire. Where else can you find a motivational comedy show? Look out for the gremlins and rising dorks!

Want to interact? The DPS Show lets you chat while watching the video feed. The third show is Finding Bryan which offers self-help and self-improvement as podcaster Bryan Goodwin tries to find himself through you. In Episodes 4 and 5, Bryan talks about core values. Bryan uses the analogy of a journey in which your mission statement is your inner compass, your goals are your map and core values are landmarks on the landscape that help you navigate the process of making improvements in your life.

I looked to see if there were any podcasters who interviewed authors. I found the Reading and Writing Podcast to be full of author interviews. Link:
With the Inside Scoop Live podcast, authors can request an interview! Link: Katherine Lanpher hosts One on One Author Interviews. Here is the link for her show:

I haven't forgotten about stand-up comics. I looked for comedy podcasters and hit pay dirt. Here is the link for Best Comedy Podcasts: The Stand-Up Chronicles podcaster interviews a new comic every week. Here's the link:

Do you want to start your own podcast? Here's your chance. Seasoned podcaster Ray Ortega hosts the Podcaster's Studio and Podcast Quick Tips. You can visit both shows by following this web link: If you only have one question you need answered fast and free, Ray is always available on Twitter:  @PodcastHelper. He also has a consulting service.

So if you want to watch a show, seek an interview or be a podcaster, you can get started.