Sunday, December 9, 2012

Number Three in my series on J.S. Wilsoncroft and her books.

Today, I look at the novella, Remembering Zane. Bonnie Reese almost married the love of her life, Zane Withers. Devastated at the news of his sudden death, she musters up the courage to go to his funeral. Out of this tragedy comes a blessing in disguise in the form of Jonathan, a high school friend of both Bonnie and Zane. To what extent is this chance reunion a blessing? Find out by clicking here:

I will be Tweeting to a select group of followers on Twitter. I have found that if you Tweet to a unknown account, it can be trouble. Last year, I had over 1,000 followers on Twitter. I wasn't discriminating enough and I was hacked. Most of my Twitter followers are romance book bloggers and book launch sites. I have over 50 trusted followers and will send this Tweet to them: Will the loss of a soulmate lead to an even better love?

J.S. alias Jamie's assignment: I believe that this pocket romance is potentially inspiring for people who have just lost a spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend or other loved one. I have done a Google search of grief support groups near Altoona, PA: I would suggest phoning each group and asking if you can do a reading of this book at one of their gatherings. If you get a "yes", I would have a drawing for a free copy of the book. 
Jamie Wilsoncroft has a blog, too:

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