Saturday, December 22, 2012

Next in the spotlight will be Janet Beasley of Hidden Earth Series fame.

Since the 1970s, Janet Beasley and her husband Don worked in the technical end of theatrical production; a world of lighting, special effects, video and/or audio. Now, she has not only created new species of plants and animals, but written Hidden Earth: a six-novel epic fantasy series.

Here is the well executed book trailer for Volume 1 of Maycly:

Janet has a very popular blog:

Don Beasley, the producer of the book trailer you just saw, has a blog for Live Events and Productions. His blog address is:

The creative couple have also written non-fiction books together. In addition to writing and blogging, Janet is also a speaker. I am inviting Janet and Don to be guests on my blog. They have graciously agreed. Look for their postings in a few weeks.

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