Friday, June 15, 2018

Paranormal Detective Series: Book 1 is #Free - Books 2-6 are 99 cents!

What a way to celebrate the release of Book 6 - Skin Deep than to have a sale on the whole series!

Here's more about the newest book by Lily Luchesi.

Skin changers are able to look like anyone of any race and gender, which makes them the most dangerous criminals in the paranormal community. Only one person in modern history has ever successfully captured and executed one.

When a skin changer starts attacking government workers in Chicago, they have no choice but to call in their last resort. However, their solution might create even more danger for the city and its people. What does the skin changer want, and how does it fit into a possible Undead uprising?

So - where is the link to this mega sale?
Here it is!

Want to know more about the author? Check out her website:

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Cozy Mysteries Unlimited: Comfort food for the mind.

Cozy Mystery Books

There are so many mysteries that you can't read before going to bed. Yes, some of them are page turners and you can't stop reading them. A lot of them are so violent and disturbing that you can't relax enough to go to sleep. So, what is better to read? The cozy kind of mystery.

I found a website with countless books set in small towns that hark back to Agatha Christie and Murder, She Wrote. Cozy Mysteries Unlimited not only has links to all the new releases, but also has their books organized by location, occupation of the sleuth and historical period.

Here is the link - enjoy:

Monday, June 4, 2018

The Beauty in the Breakdown: Choosing to Overcome - A Country Star's battle with MS.

Country music singer Julie Roberts is no stranger to overcoming hard times through determination, hard work, and strength. Having escaped the emotional residue of her alcoholic father’s actions and insults, Julie moved from South Carolina to Nashville, Tennessee, to attend Belmont University and work as a receptionist at Mercury Records—all while secretly pursuing her dream of becoming a singer. Filling her nights with music and booking shows at obscure venues, the one requirement when Julie was hired at Universal Music Group was that she not be an aspiring singer. Yet, despite her best efforts to keep quiet, Julie knew God had placed music within her as a child and that it was bound to come out sooner or later. Raw, honest, and sometimes painful, Julie’s lyrics resonated quickly with country music fans, and her emotion-soaked debut album—a reflection of her own painful past—was an instant success.
Just as Julie’s dreams were coming true, her life began to unravel. Soon, she was battling debilitating physical illness, the rising waters of Nashville’s hundred-year flood, and a stalled career. Instead of succumbing to despair, Julie proved miraculously resilient—taking the steps she needed to face adversity head on and rebuild her life through her characteristic optimism, hard work, and faith. 
Check out her book on Amazon here:

And speaking of battling M.S., my husband is raising money for the annual M.S.Tour de Beach bike ride. Here is his page:

Monday, May 28, 2018

Look who's on Food Network Star's Comeback Kitchen? The Chef of Love!

We just saw the first episode of Comeback Kitchen last night. We were so glad to see Jernard Wells again! Go, Jernard, go!

When I first met Jernard Wells aka The Chef of Love, he was a winner on Cutthroat Kitchen. He agreed  to be the inspiration and the judge for my romance writing contest. 2015 Romance Writing Contest

Then, I saw him on Season 12 of Food Network Star. Since he made the Final Three, he made a pilot about Cajun cuisine.

Jernard has written before; 88 Ways to her Heart is a way to win her over by romantic cuisine.

Jernard has taken his role as The Chef of Love to another level - romantic advice.

Here is more about Road Map: A Woman's Guide to a Good Man.

Throughout this book Celebrity TV Chef Jernard Wells will breakdown for women the many different types of men, such as ‘The Cheater Man’, ‘The Commitment Man’, ‘The Solitary Man’, ‘The Needy Man’ and several others. The aim of the book is to help women navigate through some general truths, facts, and ideas about men to help them select the right man for themselves. Wells wants to share his knowledge with women so that their search for love and the right partner will be much easier than if they had to do it on their own, without guidance. Complete at 10,000 words, his eye-opening self-help offering, "Road Map", is a comprehensive guide to finding true love and lasting happiness.
Also known as "The Chef of Love", Wells is a Husband of over 18 years and a devoted father of nine, including five daughters. He is also a bestselling author of "88 Ways To Her Heart: Cooking For Lovers" as well as two motivational self-help books - "Weight Of Expectations: Losing it All to Gain Everything"  and "Breakthrough: Weight Of Expectations 2". For more information about Wells go to 

Friday, May 25, 2018

Retail workers: you deserve a treat! There's a book giveaway in honor of you!

Image result for images of retail workers

Happy Memorial Day weekend! I used to work in retail myself and know how it feels. Well, how about something to make you feel entertained? A writer friend who works in retail told me about it. Jessica Samuels has written a lot of books out where retail meets the supernatural!

Here is the Rafflecopter link for the giveaway:

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Lady Justice and a magic dragon to the rescue!

Lady Justice and the Magic Dragon by [Thornhill, Robert]
Usually, Robert Thornhill's Lady Justice books have funny, screwball plots, but this one is more serious.

Here's more:

Three children, a boy eight, and two six-year-old girls, see violence so terrifying that they retreat into the magical, make-believe world of Puff the Magic Dragon where they feel safe and secure.

P.I. Walt Williams teams up with Lady Justice and Puff to protect the kids from vicious muggers, an abusive husband, and a sexual predator.

Once again, justice is served when Walt and his senior sidekicks come to the rescue.
A story filled with fears, tears, laughter, and hope.

If only we could keep them all safe. 

The Amazon Kindle link:

Lady Justice has been on a whole slew of adventures. See more on the Books by Bob website:

Sunday, May 13, 2018

My review of Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks - Five stars!

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks (Scarlet Summers Book 4) by [Samuels, Jessica]

Vampire detective Scarlet Summers has a debt to pay; werewolves came to the rescue in a previous case and now she’s going undercover. Three werewolf girls, who are all co-workers, have gone missing. Now Scarlet has to work in a supernatural retail store in order to solve the case. If you think rude customers are hard to deal with, just imagine if they have supernatural powers!

Jessica Samuels has married her real life experience, working at a jewelry counter, with the world of vampires, werewolves, witches and necromancers. In doing so, her storyline carries you along and is very engaging. Whether you work in retail and are curious about a supernatural bargain store or you are into the paranormal, this is a good read!

Here is the Amazon Kindle link to Jessica Samuels' ebook: