Saturday, December 1, 2012

So, you want to make your book an audio book...

Has anyone considered making their e-book or print-on-demand book an audio book? I have. I went to and e-mailed several voiceover artists. The first one was 15 years old and my time travel has some adult situations in it. So, I kindly let her go due to possible legal problems.

The second voiceover artist had a lot of experience in television. Although my e-book is only 125 pages, 20 minutes of audio book took about two hours to record. This does not include a final edit. Although he and I agreed on $350.00, he backed out after four chapters as it would have taken at least 40 hours to record the book.

You can rent a recording studio and read the book yourself. Link:
I called several studios in Nashville, Music City, Tennessee. The lowest hourly rate in November of 2011 was $35.00 an hour. If you multiply $35.00 by 40 hours, you run into a lot of money. Also, how good is your reading voice? Even a professional singer can get hoarse after one to two hours of recording.

Some voiceover artists will charge a flat fee of at least $900.00 to $1,400.00 to cover the all the labor-intensive work it takes to narrate a book. What to do? Do you know any DJs or maybe any students at a broadcasting school? Maybe you can work out a deal with this person. Link for broadcasting schools:

Does your city have a public access radio station? You could become a volunteer there and book studio time to record your book a little at a time. Then, you could pay one of the programmers there to edit it for you. I did some scouting around on Google, I found a public access radio website. It's primarily for hosting your own talk show, but you can contact them and ask about maybe doing a radio blog and/or a spoken word program featuring your book and your writing! Link:

Once you get your audio book edited and saved as an MP3 file, be warned that not all Audible booksellers will accept indie audio books. CD Baby is the only one I was able to find who does. CD Baby's website:

Then, you can Tweet and Facebook share about your new release.

Good luck!

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