Friday, December 7, 2012

Til Death do us Part? The Unfaithful Widow and how to promote her.

J.S. Wilsoncroft's heroine, Tess Malone, is beside herself with grief after the unexpected loss of her husband, Darren. Everything in her house is a reminder of the storybook marriage she once had. A letter led her to a mysterious trip to a law office in New York. Tess' lighthearted best friend, Dawn makes the trip a girl's getaway. After a shocking discovery, a wildly fantastic love adventure waits around the corner; one enough to make her "unfaithful".

Curious? Have a look at the author website:

 I think that the most common thread we have here is breakup, not necessarily grieving or the death of a spouse. That is the focus of my promotion. I did a Twitter search: #breakup or #after breakup. I got some good groups. Here is the Tweet I composed for you:

The Unfaithful Widow helps you move on come along with her.

I Tweeted it to two big breakup groups on Twitter. Another good Twitter search would be #single girl problems. I Tweeted two Single Girl Problems groups with this Tweet: The Unfaithful Widow  come along with her for a girl's night out you'll never forget.

Another group: Cougars! #older women dating yielded many groups. I used the same Tweet as above.

What about local singles groups? I did a Google search singles groups near Altoona, PA (in your Area code, at least). Here's what I got:
I Tweeted to several singles groups, but ***I'd approach some of these groups in your area and see if you can do a reading from your book at one of their events.*** 

If you do a reading at a local singles group, be sure and get pictures, or a video to upload to You Tube, if possible. Also check for any romance book groups and see if you can do a reading of this or any of your books at one of their functions.

Ready,set, go!  


  1. Thank you so much for a wonderful job, Liz!! xox

  2. Great ideas!!! I can't wait to work with you on my book :)

    1. I appreciate the compliment! Please visit and contact me. I'd be glad to work with you.

      Smiles - Liz

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  4. Rebecca? I am re-doing my website and I do a free publicity evaluation and posting about your book on my blog. I have some free time tonight and tomorrow morning. Would you send me your website, Twitter handle and give me a descriptive paragraph about your book? Also, let me know if it's on Amazon.

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