Sunday, April 28, 2013

Featuring the ladies of Write More Publications!

Theresa Oliver, publisher, does more than publishing; she has two series out and is in the process of adding to them. Her first series, Star, features a secret agent vampire who passes for a pretty high school girl. Her second series, Cambria,  stars a high school boy who goes to visit his uncle and ends up meeting a princess in an ancient world. Works-in-Progress are: Civil Slave, the sequel to Star; and Dracon's Return, the sequel to Cambria. Stay tuned for more from Theresa. Hint: it has Christmas in the title; the other has one of the Ten Commandments in the title.

Let's talk about anthologies. Theresa and several other authors have contributed to Angels Among Us and Novel Hearts, released Christmas, 2012 and Valentine's Day, 2013 respectively. Check out the website under Theresa's name to see even more anthologies:

Next up is an author whose books I've been fortunate enough to edit: J.S. Wilsoncroft aka Jamie Wilsoncroft. What I like best about Jamie's writing is the humor. Her characters always have funny dogs and usually have brothers who keep it real. When things go wrong, Jamie's heroines never give up. No matter what happens, they work at a solution and come up smiling. Of Jamie's titles, My Haunting Love is to be released soon. Curious? Click here:

From 'across the pond' in Scotland, we have Elaine White who is one of the youngest writers. Elaine, who started writing at 14, took a creative writing class which opened up many new creative landscapes. Elaine's characters range from vampire princesses and witches to college students in love. Elaine, a student, currently lives with her parents and a boistrous poodle!  It may be a long journey to join Elaine for tea, but you can have a virtual visit here:

Another young writer is J.G. Martinez aka Bina. She has been writing since she was nine years old and currently lives in the Lone Star State. The teenaged heroine of her newly released book, Destined Oracle, is also a Texan who goes on an exciting, scary, but romantic voyage. Have a look here:

Although Write More Publications is not currently accepting, submissions, their Facebook page offers writing contests regularly. The most recent contest was posted April 23rd.  Link:

Theresa also features the work of indie writers on her Write More Publications blog on Writer Wednesdays. Link:

Monday, April 22, 2013

Writer/Blogger in the spotlight: Deborah Brown aka Wild Curls!

Paradise can be crazy!

Writer and blogger, Deborah Brown spins tails of high adrenaline, humor and action.
Want to know more? Here you go!

10 Things About Me:
1. Youngest of four - A Daddy's girl!!

2. Girly Girl

3. Love cats - all of my cats have been rescued

4. I love bad boys in fast cars

5. Born and raised in Los Angeles - Left in 2002 and never looked back

6. I don't look or act my age

7. I've published my first book plus the sequel

8. I love to make people laugh

9. There's nothing better than sand between my toes, picking up seashells

10. Voracious reader

She's not kidding. Her blog has a big book box:

Tweet to her at: @debbrownbooks

Don't forget the sequel!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hot link! Destined Oracle by J.G. Martinez is launched!

Let's face it; no high school student likes to be uprooted to some strange destination, and I mean strange. To make it worse, Savina finds out that she is a Destined Oracle and then falls in love with an Archangel! When I was seventeen, the worse thing I had to deal with was crooked teeth. Savina soon meets her new classmates: witches, werewolves, and wisps. When I did copy editing for this book a few months ago, I fell in love with this book. Even if you're unlucky in love, you've got to give Destined Oracle a try.

Here is the book link:

Want to know more about the author?

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your blog on steroids: I review How I went from Zero to One Million Blogs Hits in One Year.

How in the word did the incredible Ashley Barron's blog become such a smash hit in a year? What prompted her to do this? How did she get started? The megablogger answers all those questions and more in her ebook, which could be called a Blogger's handbook. Ashley knew she needed to master social media to reach that many followers. She also had a set of short stories she wanted the world to know about. What did she do? Research. She scoured the internet for articles on how to be a successful blogger.

She uses two very good analogies: she compares blogging to learning to dance and she also compared blogs to jets encouraging bloggers to expand their runways. Although the focus of her blog is writing, in particular, self-published writers, her ebook is very relevant to lawyers, accountants, doctors and small business owners seeking to expand their clientele.

I would compare my first blog to trying to take care of your first house plant; mine withered and died after about three months. Like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes with two new blogs. I also learned a lot about using the social media from mistakes in the past.

I find Ashley's book interesting, well written and ultimately useful to anyone who is potential or current blogger.

And now for some useful links: Ashley's Blog!
Let's not forget her ebook!
Are you an author seeking an interview? Check out what she's got so far:

Monday, April 8, 2013

Exploring Kobo: Where I just made landfall.

When you see the Kobo Logo Kobo, do you only think of an app? Come along as I check out their extensive online bookstore. In addition to ereaders and accessories, Kobo sells a wide variety of books from indie and mainstream authors. They offer a vast array comic books, which I never grew out of (and I turn 58 on April 28th). Link: I just found out that Archie, who has entertained my friends and I since we were in elementary school, has a new comic book out: Archie meets Glee (!) I wonder if he can sing. Contemporary women cartoonists and graphic novelists also figure prominently in the assortment. Their Sci Fi & Fantasy selection includes Space Opera and Steampunk lit. Link:

Now, let's get to the part about author promotion. If you have a book to publish, Kobo has The Writing Life: In there it says, "feel free to select some categories to make your ebook easier to find." I found my ebook, Jan of Cleveland, listed under Romance: I wanted to see it listed under more links, so I contacted Kobo Customer Care and a helpful representative named Allan suggested I send an email to or I chose the latter. I asked that they also list my ebook under Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Historical (romance). These are all subcategories of Romance.

I am pleased with Kobo. Their Customer Care people respond quickly on the chat feature. They also accent a lot of interesting, non-mainstream genres. So check them out at

P.S. I found it touching that the window for my ebook waited for me in the right margin the entire time I was surfing the website.

Cover image: Jan of Cleveland By: Liz Kingsbury-McKeown,  L. C. VanSavage

Thursday, April 4, 2013

One more time! WLC Drill Sergeant's Character Interview: All about Jan of Cleveland.

Back in May of 2012, The World Literary Cafe Drill Sergeant, Stacy Eaton ( Twitter handle @WLCDrillSgt )  published a lovely character interview of my Time Travel romantic comedy ebook, Jan of Cleveland. For those of you who missed it, here is the text of the interview.
Welcome to Author's Spotlight

Character Interviews

with Stacy Eaton

Today we have Jan's Medieval husband, Ethelred Fortescue with us from Jan of Cleveland written by Liz Kingsbury McKeown with L.C. Van Savage

Welcome Ethelred!  Happy to have you here today!  Tell us about the book you star in!

When I was but a lad of ten, my father, the fabled Singing Barber of London and I stole away to an impoverished neighborhood to visit a Gypsy to have our fortunes told.

What an adventure!

She told me that I was to revolutionize medicine and surgery with a learned woman from a yet undiscovered land called 'Ohio'.


When I asked how I would meet this mysterious maiden, the Gypsy said, "In a pile of books, she will fall from the sky!"


In my twenty-seventh year, Janice Atwood did just that. She even produced a small picture of herself called a 'Driver's License' from the land of Ohio. Although hailing from Shaker Heights, Janice declared she would call herself 'Jan of Cleveland' for 'Jan of Shaker Heights' just didn't have the same ring to it.

No, I guess not.

She helped to 'bring me up to speed' by providing me with her medical school text books and we eventually revolutionized lovemaking. We are quite the busy couple.

lol... I can only imagine!

We all want to be different, so what is the one thing you wish your creator had done differently with you?

This tome is, after all, a romantic comedy, but the main author, Mistress Kingsbury McKeown left out the darker aspects of the tale. The two aspects she omitted are but nuance, not really explored. The first one is why my Twenty-First Century wife failed to conceive for three years before our third child, Anne Marie, was born. Janice and I balance our duties between teaching other physicians and surgeons, 'outpatient clinical care' and surgery, mostly emergent surgery, appendectomies, skull fractures, severe wound care and, subsequently, infection control.

Great skills to have.

We have two assistants, both Barber Surgeons who are, in Janice's words, 'up to speed'. In carrying out her medical duties, my wife will eat a piece of fruit, a cup of soup, eat carrot sticks and celery, but oftentimes eat very little. She, alas, I cannot conjure up a delicate phrase, lost so much weight, that she could not become withchild. Sadly enough, an extremely lean body is prized in thy Century and Janice is proud of the fact that she is still a 'size two' after three children.

Holy Cow! I'm jealous!

The second aspect omitted by Liz, the main author, is the shadow of the Church under which we all live. Being a time travel couple, with a wife from the future, Janice must tread the straight and narrow at all times. Her absent minded conduct during Mass is much more problematic that it would appear. Fortunately, my father retired and joined a monastery in order to sing in the choir. Janice has told everyone, albeit not completely truthfully, that the church is practically extinct in her time and that she is ignorant of its teachings. Every time my father comes calling, which is every fortnight, he will have 'Sunday School' with Janice and teach her what the Abbot wishes her to know. She must behave seemingly, this includes table manners, if not, I, a native of my era, am responsible.

That was probably hard for Jan of Cleveland.

If you could have added something to the story, and your creator would have let you, what would that have been?

Speculation of how my life would be if I left my era with Janice and lived in the future. When I can shoehorn it in, oftentimes when I am on horseback, my thoughts will drift to a scenario in which I live in England in thine era. I would love to see the episodes of 'House' which Janice has so kindly recited to me, not to mention these television plays about Forensic Pathology, they are called 'C.S.I' and have some locale attached to the title, I believe.

I'm familiar with those, sorry you aren't.

What do you love best about yourself? What do you like least?

(Laughter). I never really bothered with self-admiration, for my thoughts were always centered on discovery, medicine and serving humanity. Milady, my finest qualities are also the most potentially dangerous ones in my era; my very free and active mind. Alas, in my time, one must march to the tune of the Church. I can for I was reared to do so from the cradle. I oft chafe under the yoke of the Church for I always have my own ideas, in the words of my wife, 'I think outside the box' or more directly, 'I can think for myself.'

Those are good attributes.

What do I like least? 'Tis the role which I must play in order to keep my wife and I out of the Stocks; that of nursery maid to my wife. As ye might have observed, table manners have changed drastically across the centuries. I must always monitor Janice's comportment in public, especially at public dinners. Many times I must treat her as a small child at Church when she is nearly always remembering an important detail of patient care while Mass is underway.

Nursery maid, lol...

What part of the book was the hardest for you and your creator to work through?

Jan of Cleveland went through many phases before I actually came out of the mist and properly introduced myself and family to Mistress Kingbury McKeown. She only captured half of my personality in the book she wrote in nineteen hundred and ninety-nine. T'was only after she viewed an old motion picture starring Rex Harrison entitled 'Blythe Spirit' did her mind loosen up to 'give birth' to me. The devil may care ghost in this film, Elvira, was the inspiration for my aunt Belle whose real name is 'Winifred'.

Neat way to bring about a character.

Is there a sequel for this book? If so, what do you want to accomplish in the next book. If not, do you wish you could continue your story?

Nay, Milady. The first book will take my wife and I until our deaths when I am eighty years of age. My main author has the notion to write reviews and interview self-published authors. She also wishes to proof read manuscripts for such authors, of which I approve.

Mighty kind of you to approve of such things, lol... Anything else you care to share with us before we conclude.

I never imagined that a lady from my age would get 'air sick' after a make believe ride on a jet. Never underestimate the power of the subconscious mind.

Ummmm.... okay.... I think that might have to do with your story.. I'm not sure. I'll have to read it to find out.

To Purchase Jan of Cleveland: