Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Here be (author friendly) Dragons!

Here Be Dragons Bookshoppe - Winter Garden, FL
Indie writers love to see their own books on the shelves of bookstores, but it's not always that easy. Some of the bigger chain bookstores simply do not take self-published books. Here Be Dragons Bookshoppe, located in Historic Downtown Winter Garden, FL not only accepts indie books, but showcases the authors, too. Who could ask for more? Don't live in the area? Visit their website:

Lights, camera, action! Click here to see a You Tube video of author Andrea Perron and Paula Thompson:

Paula Thompson, Co-owner has graciously joined us and says "Thank you very much for thinking about us!"

Question: What do you look for in a self-published book you'd sell in your store?

Answer: I try to let whoever was brave enough to write a book and have it published display it in our store. (I also encourage local artists and musicians display work as well. I will continue to offer this for as long as I have the room!)

Question: Do you have any advice on how to approach a bookseller?

Answer: Don't be afraid to just ask! Have faith in yourself and your book. Don't give up and you will eventually get a yes!

Question: What is the biggest turnoff in an indie book?

Answer: A book that is priced too high or an author who is hard to please (diva) is not a good seller.

Question: Can an author have a back of room sale event in your store?

Answer: Our store is so full of books that we host book signings outside the front window (or in a tent in front of the store during special events here in Winter Garden.

Question: What is the most fun way for an author to promote his or her book in your store?

Answer: At book signings I have had authors in costumes, those handing out special treats and even some offering free signed illustrations the sketch on site for children!

Question: Have any authors raffled off books in your store?

Answer: I did have a raffle for local author books last Christmas.

Question: Do you have any author success stories to share?

Answer: My most popular local author is Christian Slade with his "Korgi" books. It is a series of graphic novels for children and it has no words. The children pick up the books and tell a different story every time! 

Note: The Thompsons do hope to expand soon to have room for signings, clubs, gaming, music and poetry readings.  

So, now we know that some local independent bookstores out there are not only approachable, but encourage local authors to offer their books for sale. Check it out. Who knows? Maybe you can find a local bookstore to stock your book. If you do, let me know and I'll blog about it. I love success stories!


  1. We need more independent book stores. It seems up here they are all gone, even the chain ones are going out of business right and left. If I am ever rich I just might open my own book store. This was a great piece. Will be checking out their web site.