Friday, December 28, 2012

Cambria: Not your ordinary summer vacation!

     Seth Roberts brought along some of his music so he wouldn't be bored to death when he flew from his hometown in Georgia to visit his great uncle. Upon landing and seeing his ancient relative in a vintage car, things took a turn for the paranormal. Then, he had that strange dream about rescuing a princess from a dragon in a forest. What's around the corner for Seth? What secrets about his family will he discover? Does Seth really go where he truly belongs?

Theresa Oliver of Write More Publications penned a time travel which would appeal to a Young Adult audience and it appealed to me, a middle aged woman. What magic can we work on Cambria? I will be Tweeting and Facebook sharing in the Young Adult Paranormal Romance genre in addition to Paranormal Romance. I will also add Chick lit.

I came up with a list of Florida writer's groups:

Here is a link for From the Heart, an active online romance writer's group:

Here is yet another active online romance writer's group:

So, Theresa, go forth!

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