Saturday, December 24, 2016

Get blown away with Hurricane in Paradise!

Poor Madison! With all the unexpected deaths she's dealt with, now a hurricane comes her way! What next? 

Here's a free sample: 

A gust of wind blew the front door open, sending it bouncing off the wall. Creole stumbled into the entry, his black hair whipping around his face. A crack of thunder boomed behind him, announcing the fury of the rapidly approaching storm. “Madison Westin,” he barked, sounding like an angry dog. “What in the hell are you still doing at home?”
            Dropping a small bag at the bottom of the stairs, I watched as my boyfriend veered left, going into the kitchen, dripping wet from the sheets of rain slamming the house in all of Mother Nature’s ferocity. The wind’s howling sounded like someone screaming at times.
            Luc Baptiste was his birth name, Creole the undercover moniker he used in his employment as a Miami detective, but only a handful of people actually knew that little fact. He stood over six feet, his muscles accentuated by his soaked t-shirt. At the moment, he had a two-day scruff of beard and his eyes were an irate blue; when they turned a deep cobalt, I knew he was more than mildly annoyed.  Another bolt of lightning flashed through the garden window. I counted under my breath and listened until thunder rocked in the distance, the eye of the storm getting closer. It was just beginning to make its presence known.
“You need an umbrella.” I watched as he shook the water off like a wet animal. “The news said the hurricane won’t make landfall until tonight.”
            He scowled, looming over me, his brows pulled together. “You promised you’d be going with Fab and Didier to Miami.” He tugged on a tendril of red hair that had escaped my hair clip.
            When I first moved to the Florida Keys, living by myself got old––fast. So, when Fabiana Merceau showed up one day with her suitcases, she caught me off guard, but I was happy to have her move in and had never been sorry that she became a permanent fixture. Not long after, Fab met her supermodel boyfriend, Didier, and decided, without a word to the man, to go to the hotel where he was staying, pack up his belongings, and unpack everything into the closet upstairs. Didier was a quick fit as a friend and family member. And nice to look at over morning coffee, or any other time. It made life easier that we had erratic schedules and were rarely all in the house at the same time.
            “I didn’t make any promises.”

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas is on the menu at Carol's whether she likes it or not!

Poor Carol, she hates Christmas, but a Christmas menu may help save the bistro she co-owns.
What to do?

More about the book:

Carol Gabriel hates Christmas. Not just a little bit, but quite a damn lot. 

She can’t even stand having a boyfriend over the Christmas period and habitually dumps them just before the season begins.

But it’s an uphill struggle. There’s a reason Carol doesn’t like Christmas and it’s one that she keeps to herself…

As time is running out Carol wonders if she’s left it too late.

Will her fabulous and charming employees be able to boost the restaurant's popularity?  

The original title was 'A Recipe for Love'.

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Step into a creative lifestyle: Break through blocks and stay charged.

Carlos Aleman has it all. He is a successful artist and author. It's not easy to succeed in the arts. Carlos developed a guide for an actual lifestyle to bring the creative realm into your daily routine.

The how-to book on life for creative people. A practical guide for overcoming creative block, self-doubt, plus encouragement and strategies to live by. “It will push you to step away from the daily humdrum, and stimulate you in making the acquaintance of the creative realm that awaits you. It will whisper in your ear that it’s okay to make daydreams as real as you want them to be.” —Manuel A. Meléndez Award Winning Author

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Isn't enough that she's a vampire? Don't make her work in retail!

Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks

December, 1977: I graduate with a Liberal Arts degree and didn't find anything I wanted to get a Master's degree in. I work as a sales clerk in a high end department store. I went from being a college princess in an exclusive dorm to the hired help working minimum wage. Luckily, that was decades ago and I have long since moved on. Again, luckily, Black Friday hadn't been invented yet. 

However, this is not the case for Scarlet Summers who struggles with the all the issues that go with being a vampire along with it. And I thought I had it bad. Besides having a sucky job, what's the book about? Synopsis: Scarlet Summers has been through hell since her last mission left her in the hands of an evil necromancer. She got out thanks to the Moon Wolf pack, but not without a price. When three of the werewolves in the pack go missing it is up to her to solve the case. In order to do this she has to go undercover at a supernatural retail store called Fiona's Corner and Café to find the missing girls. 

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