Thursday, December 27, 2012

Abigail Starland: The Vamp who has everything...or does she?

Who wouldn't want to look young and gorgeous, even though she is old enough to remember the American Revolution? On top of that she's a CIA operative who can pass for a high school girl and attract a hot football star. You'd think Abigail alias Star never had a care in the world, but no good novelist would make it that easy. Yes, life can be mighty stressful for Star, not to mention dangerous.

Theresa Oliver, publisher of Write More Publications, has a compelling paranormal romance on her hands, but how do I tell the world about it? Theresa had a good start at the Authors in the Park event described in her guest posting in this blog. She is also listing her title in Vampire News, the annual reference book on all things Vampire described in my guest posting by Bertena Varney, the Vampire Professor.

I did a Google search on Vampire fiction clubs. I came up with Monster Librarian who reviews Vampire Fiction for Young Adults. Here is the link for Reviews, which has a sub link for submission guidelines:

I will also Tweet this blog to Vampire lit groups, and my favorite Chick Lit, Paranormal Romance and book launch groups.

Go get 'em, Theresa!

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