Thursday, November 29, 2012

Here's a good idea: Authors in the Park Book Signing.

Theresa Oliver will be signing copies of Angels Among Us at Authors In the Park on Sunday, Dec. 16 from 2:00-6:00pm inside the Donnelly Park Building in downtown Mt. Dora, FL. If you are in the area, be sure and stop by.

I have a few interview questions for you, Theresa.

Question: Is this your first book signing at Authors in the Park?

Answer: Yes, it is.

Question: How did you hear about the event?

Answer: Local author Mark Miller invited me! I’m really looking forward to meeting him and the other authors in person!

Question: How often do they have it?

Answer: This is a first, but if it goes over well, it may become annual.

Question: Does it cost anything to participate?

Answer: No, not at all! Come on down! Everyone is welcome! We’d love to see you!

Question: How many copies of the book are you bringing?

Answer: Several! Also, I will have copies of my books Star, Starland Vamp Series, Book 1 and Cambria, Cambria Series, Book 1. I will also have copies of other Write More Publications books by Jamie Wilsoncroft, as well!

Question: What organization sponsors this event?

Answer: JB. Creations and

Question: Will you be sharing a table/booth with anyone?

Answer: No, I believe I will have the table all to myself! However, there will be eight other local authors there, was well: Janet Beasley, Bob Brown, Julie Compton, Jean E. Lane, Amy I. Long, Mark Miller, Rebecca Shore and Tony Vincent.

Question: Will anyone be helping you out so you can have short breaks during that four-hour period?

Answer: Probably my husband! Liz, if you’d like to join me, come on down! And bring your books! We’d love to have you!

Be sure and take some pictures of this event so I can post them on my blog for the follow-up posting. I hope it's a smash! I wish I could go, but we won't be back to Florida until March or so. 

Want to know more about Theresa Oliver, her books and her company? 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Angels Among Us reviewed.

Angels Among Us - A buffet of heartwarming stories of Angels in action. Which one is the most appetizing? You decide.

Monica Blanton follows Araya - an Angel of Love on her various assignments of enriching the lives and hearts of people on earth. She's very good at her job, by the way.

Susan Burdorf offers us Alvena, an Angel fond of lollipops and an Angel prep school!

Ashlea Burns' story features a new mother with an Angel in her life. What's not to like?

Callie Cool's Guardian Angel eases the pain of losing her beloved Grandma Sherry.

Sara Drake takes us to England for an encounter with Vincent aka Ecanus, the Angel of Writing.

Stephanie Greenhalgh gives us an entertaining tutorial in Angel 101.

Beth Hoyer tells of a grandfather whose Guardian Angel came to his aid to avert nightmares and even more dangerous situations.

Theresa Oliver's Angel grants a very unselfish Christmas wish.

Jennifer Paquette describes an Angel trainee.

In Susan Burdorf's Dancing for Heaven, a lost love in the form of an Angel grants a dying woman's wish.

Dana Piazzi takes us around the world with life changing Angel stories.

Nikki Shah's Angel, Maya, begins her career as a Guardian Angel.

Kim Stevens' Angel, Baier, is frustrated with what little souls learn from his coaching.

Melissa Somoza talks about Lucifer's rebellion in heaven and the Fallen's plan to wage war on the heavenly kingdom.

Sky Diamond writes about the angelic man a teenaged girl "belongs to" taking her to the hospital and befriending her, helping to bring peace to her troubled life.

This collection of stories makes me want to come back for second helpings.

For details about the book, click here:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Angels for Christmas!

Guardian angels, warrior angels, humans acting as angels. Angels protecting us, guiding us, never leaving our sides ... stories reminding us of the Angels Among Us. Angels Among Us, an angel anthology by Write More Publications, features 15 wonderful angel stories by 14 fabulous authors from around the world, celebrating the angels among us. 

Angels are among us guiding us, leading us and protecting us daily within our lives. Sometimes we see them, but most of the time we don’t, as they prefer to give the glory of their actions to God. Whether seen or unseen, angels are still with us, leaving their marks upon the Earth in our lives and hearts, and spreading the love of God. This book is dedicated to all the angels out there who intervene within our lives, and also to those humans within our lives that serve as Earth angels in their own way. 
Thank you, Angels Among Us. 

Now, how is that to set the holiday mood? I went on a Tweeting frenzy for Theresa Oliver and the 13 other contributors to this fabulous anthology. Here are the organizations I Tweeted to: Campus Crusade for Christ, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the Newman Center (a Catholic social group designed for college aged people), Catholic radio, the Fish radio station and several churches including Methodist, Unitarian and Presbyterian. I also Tweeted to Doreen Virtue, author of many Angel books.
Now there are promotions that Theresa Oliver et al. can do locally to help spread the word about Angels Among Us: 
Number one: Seek out a Catholic school and any Christian school in your area and ask to do a reading from the book at an assembly or in a classroom. If you have a Catholic or other Christian college in your area, ask to give a reading. NOTE: Don't forget Campus Crusade for Christ and I.V. Christian Fellowship. You could read a story from the book at one of their meetings or parties.

Number two: Seek out any singles groups in churches (Church websites often have a listing of social or life groups) such as Singletarians and offer to do a reading from the book and talk about how the book "came together" at one of their events.

Number three: Seek out a Christian or New Age bookstore and ask if you can do a reading there and maybe raffle off a copy of the book.

Now Theresa and contributors...on your mark, get set, GO!

I will be following up on the results of these promotions in a future blog.

Do you want to be featured in my blog? Let me know. I am only an e-mail away.

Smiles - Liz Kingsbury McKeown

Friday, November 23, 2012


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