Friday, December 21, 2012

A guest posting by the Vampire Professor herself! year Stavros and I created Vampire News 2011 as a great way to get the word out about our works dealing with vampires. Last year we received lots of news, articles, lists, and information about vampires in 2011. We compiled it into a book and we gave them away with our books or sold them at price and really tried to promote all of us. It appeared to work for many of us. We post it on Amazon and ask that the authors order some to give away or sell at their price to help promote their book.

Here is a link to look at Vampire News 2011--

Well, it’s that time again. We are beginning to work on Vampire News 2012. We are requesting submissions for vampire news of 2012. Once we received these submissions then we will contact you with a permission to use form.

VN 2012 is looking for the following submissions:
- book titles, covers and releases of any vampire books, comics, webisodes
- news articles, interviews, and reviews of anything vampire related
- personal art, photography, etc
- information about vampire events, conventions and parties
- promotions for your books or articles/blogs about anything about vampires or vampire related
- anything vampire related- just email and ask us

Please send any ideas or submissions to by January 15.

Thank you,
Stavros (author of Blood Junky) and Bertena Varney (author of Lure of the Vampire)

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