Monday, February 25, 2013

What can the Masquerade Crew do for you?

When I first came across the Masquerade Crew aka @MasqCrew on Twitter, their mask logo was the first thing that caught my eye. They're no ordinary indie writer's blog; in addition to author promotion, they also specialize in syndication. Let me take a closer look at syndication. Oh, here's an inviting offer; they're looking for guest posts:
I volunteer! And Masquerade Crew, if you'd like to reciprocate, you'll find that I'm guest blogger friendly.

While rummaging through the Masquerade Crew blog, I found a book club. Want to see it?  If short story writers are tired of feeling left out, check this out:  If your dream is to be a blog tour host, the Masquerade Crew can grant your wish: AND you can promote your book with some low cost packages including a mini blog tour:

Did you just write a book review and are proud of it? Share it here: can also do a stint as a book reviewer, if you so choose: Maybe you want someone to review your book. If you're looking for book review blogs, you just hit the jackpot! 

Don't leave the site without meeting the crew: You can get in touch by Facebook, too:

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