Saturday, February 16, 2013

Kittycat man: A self-guided tour through Steve Gadlin's blog.

I decided to play blog tourist today and took a walk through Mr I want to draw a cat for you's blog:  This website is the mother hive for Steve's other enterprises like the comedy shows 'Don't Spit the Water', 'Impress these Apes', and 'Talkin' Funny'. His blog dates back to 2004 when his wife, Becky was a math teacher and Steve directed two improv groups: 'No Shoe  Zone' and 'Pastor of Muppets'. Back then, he had a day job as a web developer,  and he still does today. 

Moving up to 2008, Steve, Becky, and daughter Izzie charmed me by their nightly dance time.  Back then, Steve would give Becky an extra half hour of sleep.  Izzie would walk him around the house, starting in the den where she'd have Steve prank call one of his friends on Google Talk so she could watch her face on the monitor. 

Then, I came upon the May, 2010 blog posting: one of the producers of the Dwyer & Michaels Morning Show stumbled upon the famous cat drawing service: 

Move up to December of that same year and see the famous milestone about Steve committing to draw 1,000 cats for Groupon:

If you want to see more of Steve's blog and walk through his fateful appearance on Shark Tank, click on the link at the top of this posting. Tweet to him: @CatDrawingGuy or look him up on Facebook (i want to draw a cat for you) and don't miss a thing!

                   Steve Gadlin himself.


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