Sunday, November 6, 2016

Time for some Deadly Stuff and more by Joyce Cato.

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Being a travelling chef sounds like fun, but when Jenny Starling runs into a suspicious death at an Oxford college...well... maybe if you're a sleuth or a mystery buff, you'd call it fun.
Traveling cook Jenny Starling lands a summer job catering for the conference trade at a prestigious Oxford College, but she doesn’t expect murder to be either on the menu or on the syllabus. An unpopular member of a taxidermy society is found dead in Hall, and Jenny is reluctantly persuaded by the college bursar to help the suspicious police solve the case. That’s easier said than done when nobody has a particularly strong motive, and absolutely everybody seems to have an iron-clad alibi.

Joyce Cato has a lot more mysteries up her sleeve. Check them out on her Amazon link:

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