Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Man with the Golden Mind is mind blowing.

The Man with the Golden Mind: A Detective Maier Mystery (The Detective Maier Mystery Series Book 2) by [Vater, Tom]

Although this book, by German author Tom Vater is a mystery, it is also fits into the suspense thriller genre with a strong helping of pulp fiction. Being from the U.S. and growing up in the Sixties, I only heard what the mainstream media told me about the Vietnam War. After 1973, when the first troops started coming home, it was the end of the war, as far as I was concerned. The MIAs were a constant source of worry and my heart went out to their loved ones, but after 1975 or so, Viet Nam just sort of  fell of the grid for most of the general public in my country.

Well, The Man with the Golden Mind brings postwar Viet Nam back on the grid. As you walk along with Cultural Attache Rendel and his mysterious spy cohort, code named Weldmeister, you can almost smell the damp smell from the muddy river. You can feel the humidity. You meet with those who seek justice after their families, their fortunes and their lives ended up in ruins. Unfortunately, in Rendel and Weldmeister's line of work, or outside his line of work in Rendel's case, you couldn't trust anybody.

In 2001, Rendel's daughter Julia seeks the services of Detective Maier to find out what happened to her father in Viet Nam back in 1976, when he ended up dead. Soon, this beauty goes missing This is a high adrenaline piece and I won't tell you anything more without releasing any spoilers.

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