Saturday, March 12, 2016

What can you publish on Wattpad? Jessica Samuels can show you!

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Jessica Samuels has published an eight-part story on Wattpad entitled Blood Fire and Moon Watch. What's it about?  Telekinetic and edgy Serena Saban just started her last year of high school, and when she spots a guy named Oliver Scott and meets Jason Sullivan it leads to an investigation that allows her to discover her true potential. Oliver Scott is a werewolf sent to Solar Cosmo High school to find and stop the werewolf hunters, and when he finds out he has to work with Serena all bets are off since she is his soul mate, and unfortunately he is promised to another..

Jessica is a Journalism student whose publications include The Killer Contract Agency, link: Being a Vampire in Retail Sucks, link: and short stories for writing contests including A Vampire Bar.

If you want to read more about Serena Saban, click here:

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