Saturday, March 26, 2016

Thrillers: The hot sauce and chutney of literature. Bonnie Toews serves them up well!

Hot sauce and chutney can wake up the senses and so can a well-written thriller. Award-winning business journalist, Bonnie Toews covered the delivery of aid to Rwanda following the genocide in 1994 and observed first-hand why Harry Belafonte, then ambassador for UNICEF, called Canada's peacekeepers "the best in the world." Today she lends her voice to our Canadian Veterans Advocacy on her Homecoming Vets blog and writes edgy, espionage thrillers. 
I am fond of any books having to do with World War II, but a spy thriller makes it all the more gripping.
Watch the book trailer for The Consummate Traitor, Book one in the Trilogy of Treason:
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  1. Thank you, Liz, for your fantastic comments about my novel, THE CONSUMMATE TRAITOR. I always welcome questions about the WWII events that inspired the story and hope readers will contact me at

  2. It was my pleasure. Blogging is my creative outlet. Smiles - Liz