Saturday, June 13, 2015

My new cause: Foodie Lit. Short Story contest coming soon.

Chefs, restaurants, food trucks and cooking contests have long inspired novelists and screenwriters. Why not give Foodie Lit its own place in indie literature? That's my mission. My husband and I watch at least four Food TV shows a week. When I started blogging about Foodie novels, I lit up! Now the light bulb came on! I want to bring reality show chefs and indie writers together with a series of Short Story contests.
Once these rising chefs, cupcake store owners, caterers to the stars or food truck owners go on TV, their social media accounts triple in followers. These Foodies like publicity and so do indie writers.
I am already Tweeting to two Food Network Star contestants and one Cutthroat Kitchen winner.
Here is my plan: Contact a reality show chef and have him or her be the muse for a Foodie Lit Short Story. I will also ask the chef what he or she wants to see in the story. The genre can be romance, mystery or comedy. If the chef in question is Gay or Lesbian, I will call for GLBT lit.  If you can figure out a feasible angle, you can even use the paranormal genre!
I will screen the entries and forward them on to the reality show chef. He/she will pick a winner. I will do a write-up in my blog, Tweet and Facebook share the Hell out of it! The reality show chef will reTweet and share the link of my write-up.
Once I get a reality show chef on board, I will be blogging again. If you are interested in participating, comment on this blog. If you have a website, please include it. OR please include your Twitter handle or the name you go by on Facebook so I can send you a message and connect with you and send you my private email address.

So, everybody, I have found my wings now. I want to start a movement. Who's with me?

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