Sunday, June 14, 2015

Short Story contest! Featuring Chef Jernard Wells, the Love Chef!

Award winning Chef Jernard Wells is the Love Chef, the young Barry White of food. He won Cutthroat Kitchen and was a finalist in the Cutthroat Kitchen Evilicious Tournement. He has also made a TV appearance on Chef Wanted. He authored three cookbooks including the best selling 88 Ways to her Heart: Cooking for lovers. You can check them out here:
I am looking for a short story, a romance, with a maximum of 1,500 words. This story will capture the soul, the romance and the humor of the Love Chef!
How to enter:  Please Tweet to @WritersBoost to enter or REPLY to this blog with your Twitter handle or the Facebook name I can look up to find you. Good luck! 

I will be back online this coming Saturday to post the top two entries. Winner announced Sunday. Winner gets a write up in my blog and gets attention on Chef Jernard's Twitter account.

P.S. I am cutting and pasting a Tweet from Chef Jernard:
  1. The winner will also receive a gift pack of signature sauces & spices for some great grilling this summer!

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  1. Reminder: Top two entries will be posted Saturday. Winner will be announced the next day.