Friday, November 28, 2014

Ride the Time Travel Train with Edwina and her creator!

In Evil Across Time, Edwina had a car accident. Three months later, she travelled back in time and visited her previous incarnation. But did she? When she returned from her time travel experiences, she realised she was possessed, but was she?

In the second book of the Trilogy, Nothing, she travelled even further back in time where she realised she had Super Powers, or did she?
In the third and final book of the Trilogy, The End of Time, she visited the residence of the Author of the Trilogy, Roy Askham, or did she?
Find out for yourself as you ride the Time Travel Train to a climax that you could never foresee coming.
Throughout his life, Roy Askham has seen all sorts of signs and signals relating to things that manifested at a later time. He knew there was more to life than just random events; that he was part of a divine plan that is easy to see if one is alert.
He enjoys imagining fantasy worlds. His enthusiasm for writing is evident, bringing historical, time travel and paranormal elements into his work; three things he is passionate about.