Tuesday, November 18, 2014

New focus for this blog - On request only.

I am going to be changing my 2nd blog, Blogs About Writing to focus on my many opinions about ads.
The blogs new name is My Ad Opinions: http://myadopinions.blogspot.comThis blog will still be for promoting indie writers, but it will be PRN, as they say in the medical field. It will be by request only. Here is my Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/lizkingsbury.mckeown Message me if you have a book release, giveaway, or blog tour you want me to promote. Please give at least a week for me to respond as I have a day job. I will be asking for jpeg files of book coves, author bios and book blurbs.

My 2nd blog will be about one of my passions; giving my opinions about advertising. Also, I will be trying websites seeking customer opinions, market research, etc. I will be posting the link on the blog page once I'm finished tinkering with it.

Smiles - Liz

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