Monday, August 11, 2014

Silent Reading Party: Does your writer's group have one?

aishah-02 Aishah Macgill posted this announcement on her website Australian Writers Rock, link:

Australian Writers Rock is proud to bring you another Australian first, Silent Reading Parties.
Once a month, on the Sunshine Coast, we will host a Silent Reading Party.
The concept is that interested people will meet at a venue to be announced, bring a book or a reading device, sit down in comfort, and read for two hours. There will be light refreshments available to purchase.
Select books will also be offered at discount prices or for your reading device from the Australian Writers Rock Indie Bookshop. Afterwards, there will be a social discussion time to talk about books and mingle.
Since reading is such a solitary pursuit, why not turn it into a social event? If your writing group is interested in holding a Silent Reading Party, I want to know about it. Post a comment.
Thanks - Liz 

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  1. Aishah and Liz, this sounds like a good idea, because people get a chance to checkout and maybe buy other peoples books. At this time however, I doubt that there are enough of us in the group living in one area to be able to get together, but I'll checkout where some of the group members are living. Cheers