Monday, May 26, 2014

My radio play is live! Let's hear more radio plays. Here's where you can hear them:

The first question I asked in my self-interview on Smashwords was where can you hear radio plays?

Do you have order them online? Maybe a low wattage radio station will air one? There are many places where you can put on a radio play and in these days of high school budget cuts, it would make sense for a drama coach to consider producing one. Then, you can burn CDs of the play and sell them to raise money for the school.
This is especially true of you have a small cast and sound effects you can easily order online. Another place to easily put on a radio play would be a podcast that specializes in comedy, or Science Fiction. Just pass the scripts around, do a read through with the sound effects CD (or provide some with things like crinkling paper, stomping on the floor, etc.) then do it on the air. The same is true with public access radio stations. The last place would be college radio. Even music shows will have a spoken word program such as poetry to have a chance of pace once in a while.

So, podcasters, public access radio show hosts, high school principals, drama coaches, you can entertain countless people for next to nothing.

Here is the link for my radio play: