Monday, May 5, 2014

The works of Roy Askham: Edwina goes Medieval..literally.

Edwina's life is full of surprises. She moves into a five hundred year old Tudor cottage in the North of England. Little does she understand what is about to happen in her bed on her first night. Having a very lucid out of body experience, she is alarmed when she is zapped back in time to Medieval England, where she encounters a man who is stripping off his own clothes and replacing them with a dress. The man cannot see Edwina in her out of body condition. She watches on as a woman unexpectedly appears on the scene much to the horror of the man.

Each and every night for months on end, Edwina finds that she cannot retire to bed without her bedroom decor changing to the decor of the Medieval period. She continues to watch the man on his travels from England to Scotland where he finds himself in grave danger. As Edwina watches, she is devastated to learn that besides being trapped in time, she is also possessed by an evil entity, which causes devastating consequences for her in the twenty first Century.

I have just read the sequel, Nothing, soon to be released on Amazon. Sparing you any spoilers, Edwina takes the reader on a wild ride.
Curious about Evil Across Time? Here is the link:
Kudos to you, Roy Askham.


  1. Thanks Liz, I think you do a great job. Regards, Roy

  2. Glad to hear it! It was an intriguing read. Smiles - Liz