Sunday, April 27, 2014

Meet Parker Stevens, my guest blogger!

The book link:
Anna and Donovan have loved each other since they were children in Ireland. As adults, they are separated by class expectations and a mother who would stop at nothing, even murder, to see her son married to the woman of her choice. Anna is forced to become a Dark One, one of the Irish dark fairies known for their shape-shifting abilities, and their taste for blood. Anna races to reunite with Donovan on the ship of dreams, before he slips away forever. Now time is running out and Anna and Donovan must race against time to save each other.
From the book:   He could barely think straight. He remembered all those nights without her when he’d worried for her safety, the long days of not knowing that nearly drove him crazy. All the times when he thought he had lost his sanity. “Anna, my God,” he murmured now against her neck, “Where have you been? I thought you were gone forever. I love you.”
   His whispered words touched Anna in a place she’d tried to bury the night she’d been transformed, but he broke through those barriers as if they were nothing.
   Anna stayed still and let herself feel for the first time in two years. She had not wanted him to ever see her like this. She had just wanted to make sure he was okay…that’s why she stowed away on this ship with him… but she chose to enjoy this moment anyway. There was no way she could deny herself this. For the first time since she’d died, she felt alive.
Like a travel agent, Parker Stevens transports you to exciting destinations in her writing. If you like what you see, Parker Stevens aka Stephanie Parke is working on Curse of the Scarlett Moon and should be finished by this summer. It is about government created werewolf soldiers using an engineered virus from the mutated gene of a normal shifter.
About the author, in her own words: 
I fell in love with writing after my favorite show, Moonlight, was cancelled and I began to write fan fiction. I have won several writing contests for my fiction stories and I have had my work published online on several different websites. I hold dual bachelor’s degrees from Ohio University in Business and Education.
I have a love of writing, art and paintball and when I am not writing I am a fifth grade teacher.  I make my home in Ohio with my three favorite men – my husband and my two sons.
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