Sunday, December 22, 2013

Guest Bloggers wanted: See below for details.

BOOK ONE I was Tweeting yesterday and came across a Tweet I couldn't pass up. Twitter success Ashley Barron, @DCPriya on Twitter, Tweeted this: "Authors! Do you write #YA #fantasy #adventure #dystopian or #steampunk? @TheJuner is hosting writers on her blog! Tweet her for more info".  I immediately copied this Tweet and notified the writers and publisher of Write More Publications

Who is The Juner? June M. Pace is a writer and an artist who paints portraits of Rock Legends. Here is her blog: I noticed that she also has the door open for NA writers and bloggers, too.

So, if you're interested, just give her a Tweet at @TheJuner


  1. Wow, I just came across this, as someone from this post stopped by my blog..I can't thank you enough for finding this something of interest and willing to help me make this YA fantasy blog move forward…thx again, June

  2. Glad to do it! I'm excited about Becca Boucher and Stephanie Greenhalgh appearing in your blog!