Saturday, October 12, 2013

What's waiting for you in the NA Alley?

NA AlleyNA Alley is one of the go-to sites for New Adult writers and readers. If you want to give your NA book more exposure, read on.

Here is a timely announcement:

What's Spooky, Fantastical, and Coming Soon? Help Us Find Out!

 As the New Adult category continues to broaden, we at NA Alley want to make certain nothing falls through the genre cracks. While we definitely love our New Adult contemporary romances, we also recognize there's a lot of great NA fiction being written in paranormal romance, horror, science fiction, dystopian, and other popular genres--and many of them are coming out this Fall and Winter! 

We'd love to highlight them all individually by participating in your bloghops, cover reveals, etc., but there's simply no way we could honor all of the requests we receive in a given month.

So in an effort to share a little of the spotlight, we're conducting a call for authors of all of those books in 'other' genres coming out September 2013 - March 2014.

Adding your book to the list is as simple as completing the form below. We'll share the entire catalog here at the Alley in an upcoming blog post. 

And we figured what better time than October to share a few spooky, fantastical, and different New Adult titles, right? :)

For clarity--and to make sure we don't call your book something it isn't--here are a few questions to answer and definitions to remember BEFORE submitting the form:

Is your book New Adult? - This list is for New Adult books only. For a crash course, review our 'What is New Adult?' page. :)

What GENRE is your book? - Is it primarily adventure? Historical? Speculative? Suspense? Generally, what is the first thing it's listed under at retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.? Here's a handy Wiki-list of genres and subgenres to use as a general guide if you aren't sure.

What SUB-genre is your book?

Remember, we're looking for anything other than contemporary New Adult. (And for all you contemp folks, be patient with us. We'll be doing lots more to highlight you all in the future.) Using the link above, can you tell us where your book fits? (Urban Fantasy = Speculative; Regency Romance = Historical; and so on.)

When will the book be published? - Month & year are fine. We're specifically looking for titles coming available in the Fall/Winter release window, so September 2013 - March 2014. If you're close (August 29/April 1) go ahead and submit it.

Read the form directions, and that's all there is to it!

Click here for the form:

Hope to read about you soon!  

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