Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slideshare: Free ebooks to increase ebook sales.

Here's an interesting article from Mark Coker, the owner of Smashwords, regarding a study he did of e-book sales and the trends. Also, he wrote a book that he is giving away to help authors and publishers with e-book sales, too.

What questions does the study answer?
  • Do authors who change prices frequently sell more books?
  • If ebooks are immortal, how do sales develop over time?
  • How do individual titles develop at a retailer?
  • What's the ideal word count for ebooks?
  • What word count do romance readers prefer?
  • What word count do erotica readers prefer?
  • What impact does price have on unit sales?
  • How are Smashwords authors pricing their books?
  • What are the most common price points?
  • What price range earns the author the most money?
  • What does the indie ebook sales distribution curve look like?
  • What's the optimal price per word?  
 The answers are in this slideshare:

For three free ebooks, click here:

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