Monday, April 8, 2013

Exploring Kobo: Where I just made landfall.

When you see the Kobo Logo Kobo, do you only think of an app? Come along as I check out their extensive online bookstore. In addition to ereaders and accessories, Kobo sells a wide variety of books from indie and mainstream authors. They offer a vast array comic books, which I never grew out of (and I turn 58 on April 28th). Link: I just found out that Archie, who has entertained my friends and I since we were in elementary school, has a new comic book out: Archie meets Glee (!) I wonder if he can sing. Contemporary women cartoonists and graphic novelists also figure prominently in the assortment. Their Sci Fi & Fantasy selection includes Space Opera and Steampunk lit. Link:

Now, let's get to the part about author promotion. If you have a book to publish, Kobo has The Writing Life: In there it says, "feel free to select some categories to make your ebook easier to find." I found my ebook, Jan of Cleveland, listed under Romance: I wanted to see it listed under more links, so I contacted Kobo Customer Care and a helpful representative named Allan suggested I send an email to or I chose the latter. I asked that they also list my ebook under Paranormal, Science Fiction & Fantasy, Historical (romance). These are all subcategories of Romance.

I am pleased with Kobo. Their Customer Care people respond quickly on the chat feature. They also accent a lot of interesting, non-mainstream genres. So check them out at

P.S. I found it touching that the window for my ebook waited for me in the right margin the entire time I was surfing the website.

Cover image: Jan of Cleveland By: Liz Kingsbury-McKeown,  L. C. VanSavage

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