Saturday, April 13, 2013

Your blog on steroids: I review How I went from Zero to One Million Blogs Hits in One Year.

How in the word did the incredible Ashley Barron's blog become such a smash hit in a year? What prompted her to do this? How did she get started? The megablogger answers all those questions and more in her ebook, which could be called a Blogger's handbook. Ashley knew she needed to master social media to reach that many followers. She also had a set of short stories she wanted the world to know about. What did she do? Research. She scoured the internet for articles on how to be a successful blogger.

She uses two very good analogies: she compares blogging to learning to dance and she also compared blogs to jets encouraging bloggers to expand their runways. Although the focus of her blog is writing, in particular, self-published writers, her ebook is very relevant to lawyers, accountants, doctors and small business owners seeking to expand their clientele.

I would compare my first blog to trying to take care of your first house plant; mine withered and died after about three months. Like a phoenix, I rose from the ashes with two new blogs. I also learned a lot about using the social media from mistakes in the past.

I find Ashley's book interesting, well written and ultimately useful to anyone who is potential or current blogger.

And now for some useful links: Ashley's Blog!
Let's not forget her ebook!
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