Friday, July 28, 2017

KJ Goes Invisible: An ebook about a crafty cockatiel by Koola Kaye.

KJ goes Invisible eBook Download

Poor Koko, her white cockatiel K J can blend in with the background and disappear.

In this adventure, KJ the White Cockatiel loves to hide from Koko. Koko has trouble finding KJ because everything in the house is so white, and KJ is so white. How would she ever find him? KJ thinks he will not be found, but he's in for a big surprise. Koko comes up with a novel idea to ensure she never loses KJ again.There is always something to learn through KJ's many exploits and light-hearted adventures. No matter how often KJ gets into mischief, Koko somehow manages to keep her little bird out of trouble. KJ brings so much fun and adventure into Koko's life and he will do the same for all those who love a good adventure.

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