Thursday, June 1, 2017

On Food Network Star Comeback Kitchen and Pop Foods TV - Danushka gets the laughs!

Remember the tall, blonde, sassy  Danushka Lysek from Food Network Star Season 9? If you've been watching Food Network Star: Comeback Kitchen, you've probably been laughing at her many one-liners. Here are some of her funny moments:

In the Food Network link, you have to select Casting: Danushka Lysek. I tried to get the actual video link for you, but the website slapped my hand. You can't copy and paste them.

Food Network Star Comeback Kitchen - Main show link.

And here is Danushka, just as entertaining, in Pop Foods TV Season 1 hosted by creator, Chef Russell Jackson.

Culinary Rorschach

Dinner Dates


Pop Foods TV has a second season. See and hear more about it here:

Pop Foods TV - Season 2

No matter what happens on the Comeback Kitchen, I really think Danushka has a gift for comedy. Did you see her question and answer session while she was demo-ing her food on the latest episode? She was funny as Hell! If anybody could fuse stand-up comedy and elegant cooking then make a successful career out if it, Danuskha can!

I'll be looking for you on TV, Danuskha!

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