Saturday, April 15, 2017

Catching up with Lady Justice!

Lady Justice has been busy since I last blogged about her. What's this about a spy and a killer clown?

Walt and his senior sidekicks match wits with a killer clown, and an assassin hired by Big Pharma to murder a holistic physician working on a cure for cancer.
    Things were going bad when a mysterious government spy appeared to save the day, but this spy had an ulterior motive, and it involved a member of Walt’s entourage.
    Chemtrails, conspiracies, and clowns are a recipe for disaster, but Walt and Lady Justice prevail.

And for you cat lovers...The Kindle download is free April 20-24:

A treasure hunter is murdered and his discovery is stolen.
    Members of a terrorist cell which have plans for a devastating attack, recognize Sara Savage, a retired CIA operative, kidnap her, and hold her for ransom.
    And who does Lady Justice send to help private investigator Walt Williams save the day?
    Clarence the Cat!
    Walt forms an uneasy alliance with the feline crime fighter to solve the mysteries and bring the bad guys to justice.
    It’s a laugh a minute as Walt spars with his new furry partner and the forces of evil.

And - the books are autographed by Bob himself!

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