Saturday, February 18, 2017

Cindy Rochstein takes us inside the man cave with Mendemic.

Mendemic: Inside the Man Cave by [Rochstein, Cindy]

Over forty men tell their stories. Reaching deep into the ‘man cave’ we find a combination of humorous, abrasive, personal, intimate and confronting stories that these men have shared. They are “dying to be heard”…literally. There are men in this world hurting, some are anxious, depressed and some, even suiciding. Many of these topics are still considered too taboo to openly discuss, yet in the meantime men continue to suffer in silence. Let their voices reach you, their stories be told, and let them no longer be dying to be heard.“MENDEMIC”, is a compilation of short stories about true life events of 40 real gutsy and brave boys and men. 

It’s all about giving men a voice, showing that it’s OK to “OPEN UP', not 'SHUT UP', what it’s like in the “Man Cave” and is also about promoting men’s health. It was released to coincide with a date especially dedicated to men – Movember and International Men's Day. Cindy is a freelance author, speaker, and blogger from Melbourne, Australia. 

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