Sunday, October 16, 2016

Taking requests: What kind of books do you want me to blog about?

I have blogged about Young Adult, Paranormal Fiction, Foodie Romance, Foodie Mystery and Crime Fiction. I am always on the hunt to discover independent writers in Australia and New Zealand. I know that my writer friend, Jessica Samuels is coming up with Tales from Behind the Counter soon. I can so identify with that as I worked retail decades ago. I also blogged about an environmental book and literature with a political slant.

Tell me, what should my next blogs be about? Which writer should I highlight? What publisher should stand in the limelight? Don't be shy, now.

To respond, send me a private message on Facebook. I am listed under Liz Kingsbury McKeown or send me a message on Twitter. My handle is: @WritersBoost

I will be blogging again next weekend.

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