Saturday, November 21, 2015

Reminder: Will be blogging Saturday for the Indie Writer's Showcase: Relatively Paranormal!

Perfect for the holidays!

Theme: A Paranormal story about family. Were you born paranormal? Do you suspect a sibling or parent is paranormal? Did you find something paranormal in Grandma's attic? Could you have a paranormal family reunion? Etc., etc. 

A week later, I will 'harvest' indie writers for the showcase. After a two week notice, the writers will email me (or Facebook message me) their stories. I will them post each entry on a first come, first served basis on this blog and Tweet about it. I will also post it on several Facebook pages.

How do you contact me? Find me under 'Liz Kingsbury McKeown' on Facebook. Message me on Twitter: @WritersBoost

OR you can leave a comment on this posting.

I can't wait.

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