Friday, August 28, 2015

Jessica Samuels' Thriller contest entry!

Im being chased by someone

I have no idea why. All I do is cook food along with my team to make people happy. Thats it, and I have no clue why anyone would even want my team dead. Its not like they do drugs, or anything sketchy of that nature. My name is Tommy Marudi, and I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and tan with a skinny build. I opened up my own restaurant called Paprika Grill. I won food truck race, and I now own a food truck tool. Along with my sister named Hilla, and she has long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a tan. She works with me in the restaurant, and lastly is my friend Arkadi Kluger who has blondish brown hair, brown eyes, and tattoos.  We won the Food truck race, and now have our own to take on the road with us.

It doesnt matter to the person chasing us. All of us are in the food truck, and we are on the highway right now. Im not scared at all just nervous and I need to lose the tail following us. Im running away because its the only possible solution to get to the house, and confront the idiot. I dont want to die at all, and I dont want my friends to pay the price for something I did. I drive us all, and Hilla is silent along with Arkadi.

Have we lost him? he asked me.

Not yet. I told him. I finally see the sign for Shady Hills, and then I take that exit. There is a safe house there, and it will allow us to find the stuff we need to stay safe. There is a gun there too, so this bastard can be stopped once and for all. I smiled at Arkadi and Hilla.

Dont worry Ill keep you all safe, and then the tail will be stopped.

Hilla smiled, I have the same idea you do brother, and if you want me to send in the hounds I will.

I smiled at her, When we get to the house do it because I should not have given the vampire that girl, and its probably him thats chasing us.

Arkadis eyes widened, You had to do that though. She was a horrible person that deserve to die. She used men like tissue paper, and stole the boyfriends who belonged to someone. She was a convict that loved to do drugs.

I sighed, True, but she must have done something to make the vampire go after us using their human servants.

I park the van, and we get out after I turn on BloodFall lane at the old mansion safe place. It was used for parties and the powerful rituals that we did. We are witches/necromancers, and we came here to hide among the humans. The girl was named Sandy Hill, and she deserved to pay for trying to steal a few items from us. It was fun to pretend to be human, and I love to cook food. They dont have anything in the Luxor realm like the Crystal Crest. I just never thought they would find me here.

The mansion is dark, and I end up turning on the lights to lighten the place up. The confrontation is inevitable, and we just need to make them disappear. The human that was following us disappeared. Stopped just after the exit, and I just know he is going to tell his vampire friend where we are. We need to use this house as a batttle ground. I think hell bring a few vampire buddies too covering his own ass. I dont even bother with a spell to seal the front door.  My sister loves her pet hellhounds Fire and Ice. One is red and the other is blue, and they love chewing up vampires. She feeds them with it. The more they eat creatures the stronger they get. They are fast too, and Im sure they will not loose against vampires. Arcadia comes in fully suited with arrows and bows in hand. He prepares for it by lighting up the arrows he will use to shoot the vampires with. Me I prepare for it by loading up my special gun with silver bullets and call it a day.

Ready for the battle to begin, and next time. Just let the horrible bitch live instead of sending a vampire after her.

Hilla comes through the door hellhounds behind her, Ready now, and just let karma get her next time even if she was a bitch.

Next time there won't be a next time because you three owe me. Thanks for bringing me a blood whore.

My eyes widened, We didnt know she was one at all.

Well, she killed my buddy Claude since she was infected by silver in her blood.

MyMy…”I still didnt know about it, and if you want to die then keep talking.

I have help this time.

A few more vampires flank him on both sides. This will be fun.

Okay, but we are stronger then you still, and my hours love to eat you…” Hilla taunted.

Time to die. the lead vampire said. They advance on sand we fought back with them. Match for match. I got the leader and my sister and Arkadi got the other two.

I punch the head vampire, and he ducks. Great. I run to get the gun already loaded in case of an emergency. I aim it at the vampires head, and it explodes. Done. I guess they are not faster then a speeding bullet. Oh well. The hounds are chewing the vampires, and I just laugh at this. Nope, we need the house for times like this. I was not burning the house. Im happy its all over since it means I dont have to worry anymore. I care about them, and they are like family. The girl backstabbed my sister and cheated on my friend. She deserved what she got. Women like her should not exist at all, and finally karma caught up to her which is the way it should be since karma is a real bitch. Im going back to my food truck to make wonderful food for people and thats why I love the Crystal Crest realm

 The end

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