Monday, April 6, 2015

How to Stay Married (and be entertained at the same time)!

How To Stay Married ebookAnyone who is married or planning to be could use a few laughs on the subject. Mary-Lou Stephens has it covered.
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Do you dream of finding the right person to spend your life with? Are you in a strong relationship already and want to keep it that way? Or perhaps your marriage is a little tarnished and you hope to make it shine again? You’ve come to the right place.
While How to Stay Married isn’t your regular ‘how-to’ book, it is about creating the kind of relationship you want. This is the story of a marriage; a journey from fear, resentment and financial devastation, to a place of love, joy and trust.
Mary-Lou Stephen’s first book Sex, Drugs and Meditation chronicled how meditation changed her life, saved her job and helped her find a husband. How To Stay Married, is the truth behind the happy ending.
How to Stay Married takes us around the world; from the glitter and glare of Las Vegas to the sub-zero temperatures of the French Alps and the tropical heat of Thailand, all with cabin luggage only. The discoveries Mary-Lou makes regarding herself and her marriage are a modern day parable about learning to travel light in life, love and relationships.
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