Monday, July 29, 2013

Who's up for a giveaway?

Join Write More Publications ONLINE, 6-8 p.m. Eastern Time on Fri., Aug. 9, 2013, for the release of "Impassioned (The Angel Chronicles)" by: Molly Bryant! Lots of fun, prizes and giveaways! Invite your friends! The person who invites the most people wins a great prize pack to be announced! See you there!

NEW ADULT PARANORMAL ROMANCE (does not contain explicit sex)
Synopsis: Jesse meets an intriguing young man with brown eyes, messy-blonde hair, and dimples that set his smile out of this world. As their relationship grows stronger, Jessie learns that she is in danger. Her college life at Boise State University becomes anything but ordinary in a world she never knew existed.
With college students being recruited like puppets into the arms of fallen angels, Jessie has the guardians to keep her safe. In this compelling story of love, loss and betrayal, will Jesse choose the love of eternal damnation? Or will she choose the love of eternal harmony?  

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