Thursday, March 21, 2013

I tour The Indie Writer's Network. Want to come along?

IndieWriteNet logo 250x250
Established in January 2012 for the purpose of connecting indie writers for support and success in indie publishing, The Indie Writer’s Network aka Indie Write Net is now an international writing community of several hundred writers of all genres. And what are they all about?

The IndieWriteNet Mission:
To offer a space where indie writers can:
  1. Connect with other indie writers around the world
  2. Share and discover the tools for publishing success
  3. Establish themselves as professional writers
  4. Inexpensively promote their work
To this end, IndieWriteNet offers a fully functional social network, over 25 genre and interest-based groups, three directories,  and community sites where indie writers can share their expertise and experience as an indie writer.

Their first directory is Featured Books which offers countless sub-genres:

Directory number two is the Indie Author Directory where authors can list their bio pages, web links and post photos:

Our third directory is Indie Author Services where you can offer services to indie writers or seek them out:

Want to give them a try?


  1. I just saw this site on my google e-mail and thought I would take a look at it. Just published my first book and am now feeling lost in the marketing of it.

    1. Sorry it took me so long to reply. The little envelope icons that indicate comments don't always tell the truth. The Indie Write Net is a good place for new writers. Do you have a Twitter Account? I'm usually on Twitter more often. My Twitter handle is: @WritersBoost If you have any Tweets about your book, I'd be glad to reTweet them. Also check out this author promo website: You could get your book on both websites and double your publicity! Wishing you success! Liz