Saturday, February 14, 2015

Wow! Pix Teller allows indie writers to create banners, posters and even....

Poster by intriguing writer Elaine White covers! The sky's the limit. Pix Teller's image maker website allows the novice to make fantastic graphic images. Did you forget to send a Valentine today? No problem, you can make your own ecard.

  • Pixteller is easy to use. Without any image editing software or design knowledge now you can create great images.
  • They offer unlimited backgrounds. From solid colors, gradients to amazing textures and different sizes - all are possible with PixTeller.
What's more they offer multiple images. From solid colors, gradients to amazing textures and different sizes.
  • A bunch of effects are available for you to apply on your photos depending on your taste including: grungy, nostalgia, vintage.
  • You can set common text properties like font size, color or font-family, but also some more complex like text shadow, rotate, opacity and more. 
  • And it's free - Interested? Click here.

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