Sunday, August 11, 2013

He wants to make a star of you! He wants to make a star of you!

Steve Gadlin's Star Makers
Steve Gadlin became a celebrity after pitching cat drawing service as an investment prospect on NBC's Shark Tank. Click here to see his signature song and dance routine: Now Steve wants to more than just draw a cat for you; he's also a star maker.

Besides drawing cartoon cats who sometimes say "Whoopy" and building websites, Steve has a company Blewt! to delight and confuse. A few weeks ago he launched a brand new project - a talent showcase called Steve Gadlin's Star Makers! It's a loving homage to public access talent showcases of the 1980's. Think Lawrence Welk meets The Gong Show meets Stairway to Stardom.

 He's beginning to air the show late night in Chicago, and on cable access stations in Boston, Sacramento, New York, and Milwaukee - and soon in your town! But you can always watch full episodes on his website, or through his free podcast. This  show is also available for free download in the iTunes store! It's organized squirrelyness. Are you talented and want to share your squirrely nature? Are you just plain squirrely and want to share your talented nature? Click here:

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